XNSPY is a phone and tablet monitoring application created for any kind of spying. It was designed for parents who consider their children need control, for business people, who think that their employees do not work. It also can be used by spouses, who sniff treason. It is always better to know in advance that somebody wants to cheat you. XNSPY can easily help you do this.


By dint of this mobile spy application, you can easily start spying on any ‘smart’ device (tablets or smartphones). This application contains the basic set of features and does everything you might require from a spy app. It operates invisibly – a person will never guess that somebody is spying on him or her because it cannot be viewed in the list of installed applications.

The Main Features

Now it’s time to numerate the main features XNSPY has.



  • You can track phone calls and contacts.
  • You will know information about GPS location of a person.
  • It easily records phone calls.
  • Photos, videos and audio files are also viewable.
  • It offers an opportunity to track remotely SMS messaging and such chats as

Skype, WhatsApp or Viber.

  • You can set instant Alerts.

You can see that the list of features XNSPY has doesn’t differ from the other similar applications. So let’s analyze whether this spy app really deserves attention.


The process of installation is similar to installation of any application on a smart phone or tablet. It is easy and even a person who faces it first, will surely look into it. However, installation requires human intervention – it means that a person should either notify about spying or somehow find access to the target device.

In case you are going to monitor employees, you should notify them that their phones will be tracked. Having done this, you will not run into legal problems.

After successful installation, a person who monitors receives the access to a Web-based Control Panel. All activities a person makes on a spying device get recorded on this panel. You will receive access to text messages (including conversations in social media), pictures or video files a person shares, incoming or outgoing calls. Whenever necessary, you can even record some calls.

In these latter days, a smartphone is an integral part of every kid. It is not a secret that they use them not only for communication. Children under 18 surely require control and XNSPY can help you do it. You can install this spy cell app on their phones and receive detailed reports about webpages they browse and if necessary, it is also possible to block some applications or sites.

The view location feature gives you an opportunity to know where your kids are at the moment.


Speaking about compatibility, XNSPY can be installed on Android or iOs based devices.


Though XNSPY contains a number of useful options, it also has some disadvantages. The price is rather affordable but this fact cannot be positive.

First of all, it has no user interface and operates only in the background. This application is in great request among iPhone users. However, users consider its functionality to be not excellent. People complain about its work because it is not so excellent as developers promise. Report may come with delays and users receive information about phone activities not in time.

Besides, it greatly influences performance characteristics of a phone. It is not comfortable to charge a battery constantly, especially in case when there is no opportunity to do this.

Each mobile spy app has technical support, which should always be ready to answer all questions that may appear. Unfortunately, XNSPY cannot boast by a stable work of a technical support. They surely answer all questions that may appear but not in time. Help is required at the right time.

Invisibility is the most significant feature of spy applications. However, in this case some problems may happen. This information is taken from user’s reviews, from people, who has already tested this application for a certain time period and can come to this conclusion.

Surely, it is up to you to decide whether to expend money on this cell phone application (though the price is not so high) or look for better propositions that modern software market can offer. However, XNSPY also deserves attention only because of the fact that it contains the basic set of features required for mobile spying. Hardly, you will find something new after installation of this app. Nevertheless, more information about installation, work and price you can surely find at their official website.

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