If you are a serious person and used to buy only qualitative products, so don’t wrestle with the subject what mobile spy application to choose because SpyStealth can satisfy all your needs.

This application is designed for those who consider safety to be the most important thing. It can be rather useful for businesspersons who think that their employees don’t make their work in a proper way. Besides, parents who think that their children can run into a mess, always can install this app on their ‘smart’ devices and be sure that everything is okay with their children. Teens require a special attention and every parent can confirm it. Using SpyStealth, you will know every detail about personal life of your children.


Main Features

SpyStealth is one of the most powerful mobile applications, which contains a number of the latest features. Developers pay great attention to updates and constantly try to make this mobile spy application better. Besides, a number of features that Spy Stealth has, cannot be found anywhere else.

  • The capability to monitor text messages. You can read message text, a phone number of a sender and time when this message was send.
  • The capability to monitor incoming and outgoing calls. Detailed information about each call is available.
  • Monitoring of photo, video and audio files.
  • GPS tracking. You can find out where your kids or employees are at the moment.
  • Monitoring of Web and activity in such social networks as Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Besides, it is possible to review phone web history.
  • The capability to review videos a person watches on YouTube.
  • Monitoring of Facebook, iMessange, Whatsapp or Blackberry instant messenger services.
  • All notes a person saves on a cell phone are also viewable.
  • LIVE Control Panel.
  • The capability to lock or receive SIM data remotely.
  • The capability to Block some applications, you consider to be dangerous or unnecessary.


SpyStealth is a cell phone application, which breaks all secrets about your kids, employees or spouses. Installation is very easy. However, you need to find access to the target ‘smart’ device. You should either notify people about spying or find access to their phones and install it. The installation process takes a couple of minutes and doesn’t differ greatly from the process of installation of any other application.

Compatibility with the devices is also worth noticing – SpyStealth perfectly operates on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry smart phones. Furthermore, the latest version of SpyStealth is compatible with iOS 8.x.


After installation of SpyStealth on the phone of your kid or employee, you can log into the official website from a remote location and using LIVE Screen Viewer, review their activities in a real time mode. After buying and installation, you can easily start doing this.

One more positive feature of SpyStealth is that this application easily recovers all deleted or old messages that users share in Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, BBM or Viber. Not each cell phone spy app can boast by such features. The majority of competitors comprise only a basic set of features and want customers to pay a high price for it.

If you have a huge staff of employees who spend the greater part of a working day out of office, SpyStealth can help you find out whether these employees deserve the salary you pay them. SpyStealth will send you reports concerning GPS location of a person.

Furthermore, if you are interested only in spying text messages or activities in social networks, you can set Alerts and you will receive only some data about activities of a target person.

If you suspect your kids in smoking or taking drugs, you can find out this information and prevent disastrous occurrences. Furthermore, if you consider that some applications disturb productive work of your employees, you can easily block them using SpyStealth.

Speaking about the price, it bears mentioning that it is very affordable. Taking into account the fact that you obtain not usual cell phone app, which comprises a number of useful and updated features, the price is low. Besides, now, there is an opportunity to obtain a one-day trial version at the price of only $1! This is a very lucrative offer because in such a way you can easily test this application, learn at first hand its set of features and finally make a conclusion concerning the type of application you need.

In these latter days, SpyStealth is one of the most powerful mobile Spy apps available on the software market and a number of users have already managed to appreciate its features. It’s time to follow in tracks!

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