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Have you ever thought about the importance to control information flow around you? New events happen every minute and all of them may influence your future life. Everyday a person may communicate with close people, children, colleagues or someone else. The list may be continued but the main thing remains without changes – one day you may have a necessity to find out more information than you were told. Not everyone knows but with the development of communication technologies it became possible to spy information on a cell phone of the other person. One of such apps is mSpy. The software will help easily track calls, text messages, activities in social networks, GPS location and screen information live.

Main Features of mSpy and its Performance Characteristics

mSpy is probably the most popular and easy to use app for monitoring over your children, preventing of theft and controlling your employees. The software may be used on devices powered by different operating systems like Android, iOS, Mac OS and Windows PC. It is cross functional because you may install it on a mobile phone, computer or tablet.


After creation of your own mSpy account you will have an opportunity to use a wide range of features and will be able to view the tracked information.

Here are the features and instruments offered by the application:

  • Calls Management,
  • Text messages tracking,
  • Email monitoring,
  • Track GPS location,
  • Internet use monitoring,
  • Access to address and calendar book,
  • Control of instant messages,
  • Application monitoring,
  • Remote control option.

Certainly, except main functions you will also be able to configure different additional settings that will provide you with detailed reports about the activities of a target device.

In case you have some questions, you may ask for help technical support.

Do not forget that you will receive information in a real time mode, thus you will be able to make fast decisions and prevent undesired consequences.


Usage of mSpy permits you to have information about all data on a mobile phone of a target person. It is very convenient and necessary if you have kids. Digital era brings new threats and children are not always ready to withstand them. At the present day all kids have smart phones and may communicate with people all over the world. Parents will not even know anything about such contacts, until they install spying software. Due to the app parents may track all incoming and outgoing calls. By the way the application will provide you even with the smallest details about all calls. It is easy as nothing to get information about text messages, instant messages in social networks and view screen of your kid’s phone.

Naturally, your spying activities should be done carefully. No one wants to be spied and especially children, who always tend to be independent.

Certainly, all the above mentioned features will help you monitor not only children but your employees as well. Besides, GPS monitoring feature opens completely new possibilities in the sphere of work control. If employees work out of office you will be able to control their actions during a working day and it will not let anyone cheat you.


Of course, it is hard to overestimate development of fast internet connection, however, it brings additional troubles for employers. Office employees may spend a lot of time surfing web pages that do not have any attitude to their duties. The employer may block some most popular web sites but usually it does not bring a desired result. The best and the simplest way out is a spying application which will help you monitor internet usage.

Disadvantages of mSpy Application

Of course, all these functions are very useful and may help you solve some difficult problems. Though, the price is not reasonable and not everyone may afford to pay money for apps of such a type.

By the way, those who have already used spying apps, complained about installation problems as well as decrease of cell’s performance characteristics and fast battery discharge.

However, the most important problem of the app is its hiding capabilities. Software of such a type must be invisible on a target phone, otherwise it has no sense.

mSpy is a multi-feature application and not everyone may configure it without professional technical support. Surely, the app has technical support, however, you will not get a quick response on your question. It may lead to data loss of important information.

If you want to get almost all information you should choose only reliable and time proved applications. They will save your money, data and will provide you with detailed reports about all activities on the target phone.

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  1. Sorry to tell you, but the product does not really do what they say
    It is almost impossible to get updated information from the target phone
    To give you an example after an update in SEPT the last phone call registered under myspy app was in JUNE (so? someone did not call or receive any call from JUNE until SEPT)
    The last suggestion they gave me was to update daily mspy with the target phone in my hands kkkk! Common if I will have the target phone in my hands why do I need mspy app anyway
    Horrible service, NEVER GIVE YOU A REFUND, even though their website say you have 10 days to request FULL REFUND, they only offered me half of it! Really pissed off

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