Mobile spy applications are sought after modern parents or employers. Nevertheless, modern software market suggests a number of propositions and when it comes to the necessity to select the best spy app, lots of users lose themselves in conjectures what applications to choose.

In this review, we are to speak about one of the most popular spy software – MobileSpy. This app is regarded as one of the most powerful among its competitors. Besides, this is probably the best parental control application. Having installed this app on cell phones of your children you will never worry concerning their location and always know the way they spend their free time. Using this app, you will not only control each step of your children but also ensure that they have no access to dangerous content.

It stands to mention that MobileSpy has already got a number of positive reviews and many users appreciate it because of its compatibility with any device, not bad customer service and stable performance.

The Main Positive Features


Now, it’s time to determine the most positive and helpful features, this app offers.

  • Compatibility with various devices. It can easily be installed on BlackBerry, Android OS or iPhones.
  • Online Control Panel. Users should login and view the results of spying. Besides, the app offers access from any web browser.
  • LIVE Control Panel gives an opportunity to review the phone’s screen and location. Besides, users can make remote control and receive all information about phone activities.
  • Instant GPS.
  • Alarm on and off.
  • Users can lock a spying device easily.
  • Receive detailed SIM information. If the device is stolen or your kid has lost it, you will receive the latest SIM information.
  • Users have access to call details, SMS conversations and all activities in social networks.

These are the basic positive features this application has. It stands to mention that there are plenty of other ones.


Every parent wants to know that his or her child is well protected. When it comes to teens, it bears mentioning that they consider themselves to be grown-ups and can act impulsively. They need control and it must be invisible. They shouldn’t guess that somebody knows their secrets.

Installation is easy and takes several minutes. You just have to notify your kids or employees or other people you want to track and install it on their devices. However, if you don’t want your children to know about this, you can stay it in secret. You just need to find access to the target device (phone or tablet). After installation, you should log in it on the monitoring site. The official website has pleasant interface and is divided into two parts: logged data/alerts and the administrative controls. Here you select what kind of activity you want to track.


This app doesn’t make users to wait – all activities can be viewed as they happen and users are not obliged to wait for updates.

Besides, there are remote functions. For instance, if you are far away, you can block a phone of your kid if you think so. Only with one click of a button, you can block some applications you consider to be dangerous or not useful.

It stands to mention that MobileSpy allows you creating special keyword alerts that will notify you about various mistakes you children make. You will always be aware of your kid’s location. If you prohibit your kid to attend one or another place, using geofencing technology, you will receive a message that your kid leaves a special geographic area.


In spite of the fact that this app can boast by a number of various useful features and users consider it to be probably the most successful, it also has some disadvantages that also require attention.

First of all, MobileSpy is rather expensive and not everyone can afford to purchase it. Modern market offers a number of other cell phone apps and people don’t want to overpay. People, looking for mobile spy applications, not always pay more attention to features than to price. If the price is too high, a person will surely start looking for alternatives.

This app is described as the one, which has plenty of features. However, there is no option for limiting phone usage time. Such application should have this feature.

Besides, some users consider the work of technical support to be not good. If some questions appear, they do not hurry to solve it and can answer even the next day. That’s not on! Even the best software sometimes can be out of order and technical support should react immediately.

Now when you know all pros and corns of MobileSpy, it is up to you to decide whether it represents value for money.

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