Nowadays you can find various programs for mobile spying. One of such applications is FlexiSpy. It bears mentioning that there are lots of them. Unfortunately, not all of them are really useful. FlexiSpy was released not recently and many users have already tested its functionality and can make their conclusions.

FlexiSpy is a mobile spy application, which runs invisibly on any ‘smart’ device. You can install it on a device of your employees and finally know whether they really work or spend time on activities in social networks. Probably you suspect your colleague in disclosing of confidential information, don’t you? FlexiSpy can help you find the truth.

The Main Features


This spy cell app has rather useful features and here are the most significant of them:

  • Instant message monitoring (you can monitor not only SMS Messages but conversations in Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp as well).
  • Call interception (users can easily track and record phone calls).
  • SMS tracking (users can monitor text messages as well as email messages).
  • Multimedia monitoring.
  • GPS location (using this feature it is possible to determine the location of the phone).
  • Data transfer.
  • Spy on Passwords (it is possible to know a password to various applications or emails).

Though the set of features is rather expanded, however monitoring software market is constantly updating and the developers of this application are not going to update these features.


Speaking about compatibility, it bears mentioning that FlexiSpy can be installed on Android, iPhones, iPads, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Nokia Symbian. This is a positive feature because it is compatible almost with any device.

Installation is easy and requires physical access to someone else’s smartphone. Its work requires stable internet connection and it will not work without it.

As well as any other similar application, FlexiSpy works invisibly and it cannot be detected in any way. A person will never guess that someone is spying on him or her. However, this fact can be considered as invasion of privacy because you should notify a person about spy.


However, all activities you can track fully depend on the package you buy. You can obtain either a full package or the one, which comprises only several activities. In fact, there are two versions: Premium and Extreme. Therefore, before purchase, please, determine your priorities.

Users consider that this application has a very good technical support. Unfortunately, not each company can boast by a good and stable work. FlexiSpy offers round the clock technical support via email, chat or phone.


We see that this app has lots of positive features, however nothing can be ideal. First of all, artificially high price requires attention. In comparison with similar apps, FlexiSpy is very expensive. Besides, if you have a desire to test all its features, you have to pay even more. This fact spoils all positive impressions about this application. For instance, you need an application for a short time period (you are not going to spy on your colleagues for a long time) and you are not going to make use of all its features, FlexiSpy will not be a good choice for you. Hardly you will find a person who is going to overpay for unnecessary features. People always want to pay less and to get more.

Before buying this software, make sure that your device is compatible with it and read very attentively information, presented on FAQ page of their official website.

Besides, some users, who have already tested it, think that functionality of FlexiSpy requires a special attention. It was released more than ten years ago and developers don’t spend time on updates. They don’t want to make it better and more convenient for users.

Some problems with installation also happen. For instance, you want your spy to be in secret. However, installation of this software requires human intervention. People don’t leave their phones off hand for a long time. You just have several minutes to install it, something goes wrong and you don’t manage to install it in time.

Though FlexiSpy is a good software with plenty of useful features, including call recording (not each spy cell software can boast by it), it also has negative features that surely should be taken into account before buying it. A person should decide what spy app features will be the most useful for him or her and only then select an application.

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